Welcome to Vegan for Less

Welcome to Vegan for Less, a food blog dedicated to eating well on a small budget!

I’m Kayleigh (also known as Bat), a 24 year-old vegan who loves to cook and has never had a big budget to spend on ingredients. I’ve been eating wholesome food on the cheap for pretty much my entire life.

My goal for this website is to help make plant-based food accessible (and appealing!) to more people. From foods you’ve never seen before to familiar meals, Vegan for Less will provide recipes that are…

1) Inexpensive. Vegan for Less meals are always $3 or less per serving, and often under $1 per serving.

2) Healthy. Vegan for Less meals are healthy enough that they fit into any balanced diet. Where possible, common allergens are avoided or substitutes are suggested.

3) Delicious. I may be a vegan, but I love to share food that anyone would think is tasty!


Thanks for reading! More pages and recipes will be coming soon, so you can start cooking Vegan for Less!


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